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    However, it requires energy to operate and a 2011 study estimated that processing the whole atmosphere would not be cost-effective.

    One of the authors noted that planting vegetation is more feasible but would require a significant amount of land.

    In the event that such things are a dead end (and there is the opinion that it's too late to reverse climate change by merely reducing or stopping what we're doing) there is geo-engineering. This involves trying to force climate change back in the opposite direction intentionally, or with what has been described as terraforming Earth.

    Among these options is lacing the atmosphere with particulate matter in order to seed clouds, artificial carbon sequestration technology to actively remove the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere at a rate faster than natural sinks such as photosynthesis and ocean carbonates, and constructing sun screens in orbit.

    The following national and international organizations are part of the consensus that global warming is a real phenomenon for which humans are responsible: Anyone who, even after the occurrence of extreme weather events that seem to intensify yearly, does not see the validity of decades of scientific documentation that catalogues the existence of global warming, is a lost cause. Instead of spending resources trying to convince people (anyone who still doesn't get it, will never get it) that global warming is in fact real, the people in this world who have a clue should put the focus on action and moving forward by championing the solutions to this crisis that threatens the entire planet.

    These solutions involve fostering the use of hybrid/electric vehicles, and replacing fossil fuels with wind power, solar power, nuclear power, and perhaps is routinely used in spacecraft and submarines.

    Global warming is an increase in temperature in addition to the natural greenhouse effect.

    The greenhouse effect interacts with other planet-wide influences such as the Milankovitch cycles in order to produce long-term climate movements.

    If you lead off with climate change, they’re not going to pay a bit of attention to anything else you say.Global warming, also known as anthropogenic (or human-caused) global warming, is the rising average temperature of Earth's atmosphere and oceans and its related effects.Global warming denialism refers to fossil fuel industry-funded claims that global warming: It should not be confused with those that accept that anthropogenic global warming is a major threat, but dispute whether or not the government regulations put in place to combat it result in a desirable outcome.The phrase “global warming” by itself is often used to refer to the rapid rise in temperatures that the Earth has experienced since the start of the Industrial Revolution.In the last 100 years, Earth's average surface temperature increased by about 0.8 °C (1.4 °F) with about two thirds of the increase occurring over just the last three decades.

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